Macondo navigates the edges of the discovered world, searching for magical cacao. Once unearthed, we ship it home to our factory just outside of Padstow and turn it into handmade single origin bars that retain the essence of these mystical lands.

Our 5 launch origins leap about the globe, rising in cacao strength from a 30% Milk Chocolate from Cameroon to a 75% Dark Chocolate from Tanzania.

Cacao is much the same as coffee beans (for coffee...obviously!) and grapes for wine. The bean's flavour is impacted massively based on where it is grown, temperature, rainfall, and nutrients in the soil. This is demonstrated perfectly in each bar from our range, they are all strikingly different in taste, and while the differing cacao percentage in each bar has an influencing factor in this difference, it is mainly down to the unique set of conditions while growing on the tree and the bean used for each grade that has the major impact into our chocolate bars.