30% Milk Chocolate handmade by us in our factory just outside Padstow in Cornwall.
Tasting NotesA delightfully sweet milk chocolate with caramel and vanilla notes. The perfect bar to demonstrate that sometimes less is more in terms of cacao percentage.

Cacao Facts: Cameroon has struggled in recent years with cacao yields. In comparison to market leaders of Africa like the Ivory Coast who produce nearly 7 times more per year. Many factors have led to these problems including ageing farmers, climatic instability, access to modern machinery and infrastructure and a poor grasp of proper farming practices. Many grower farms in the far reaches of the country will have had their farming knowledge passed down from generation to generation, without any significant signs of progress in vital areas such as correct propagation techniques which help maximise pod growth and yield in the secondary harvest. Once you taste the incredible flavour of our Cameroon grade, we're sure you'll want to do you utmost to ensure the cacao from this fine nation continues for many more generations. 

Cameroon displays a colourful palette of all major climates and vegetation: coast desert, mountains, rainforest, and savannah. The land of Mongo ma Ndemi 'Mountain of Greatness' with its tropical belts presents numerous fertile grounds and lush vegetation, favouring the growth of its exceptional red cocoa. These large beans have their own distinguished character with a fine and powerful cocoa taste.

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