70% Dark Chocolate handmade by us in our factory just outside Padstow in Cornwall.
Tasting Notes: A strong, smoky taste with hints of coffee and fruit. This is chocolate worth travelling to the ends of the Earth for.

Cacao Facts: A nation that once looked upon cacao production as one of the backbones of its economy saw that ravages after 9 years of conflict. In spite of a revival of production in the late 90's and early 00's the loss of farmer knowledge and lack of skilled labour in the younger workforce caused a crash in output in 2009. For a region famed for its fertile soils, perfect tropical climate and unique tasting cacao this is a calamity. However a project driven by elders who hold the secrets to proper cacao farming has been implemented and the younger generations have now been taught the skills of the trade. By 2014, nearly a million trees have been reintroduced to PNG to the benefit of thousands of smallholder growers and their families. Granted the 'fine flavour' status which is so coveted among top level producers, this is only the beginning of the Papuan cacao story.

Covered in a warm veil of monsoon climate, Papua New Guinea has a young cocoa history. From the eastern Lae Region to the northern islands of New Britain, New Ireland, and Bougainville, descendants of the original Criollo and Trinitario varieties enrich Papuan cocoa culture with the finest flavour grades. Nested in an unstable political and tribal culture, Papuan cocoa has become a rare treasure.

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